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Sue Smith is Managing Director of Specialist Support Solutions, a qualified counsellor accredited with BACP, EMDR Therapist and Rewind Practitioner.
Sue provides private therapy in person and remotely via video.

Many people experience difficult life events from time to time, and sometimes people need help to work through and recover from the effects of those experiences.

We are all different and we all respond to challenges in different ways.

Sometimes we move on relatively easily and at other times we may feel stuck, as if our experience and feelings are going to define us forever.


Counselling, Trauma Therapy & Personal Development


The human brain is conditioned to preserve life, and when we experience ‘out of
normal life events’ the more primitive areas of the brain take over to protect us.

In these circumstances we may be left with traumatic memories that remind us daily of the event, even though our logic tells us that it happened in the past.

The type of experiences that most often impact on us include Traumatic Childhood Events, Abusive and Controlling Relationships, Being Harmed and Witnessing Harm.

They can occur due to natural disaster, traffic accidents, sudden death, sexual violence, domestic abuse, and other violent incidents such as being assaulted. 

Perhaps you simply want to understand your own emotions and behaviours, what triggers them, where they come from and how to use them effectively to build a positive future.

Regardless of the cause or what we call the problem: depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, the ability to understand and manage our emotions is a desire that many people seek. We do this in order to develop into the best version of us that we can possibly be.

'Sue helped me to reflect on my inner self to a level which would have otherwise not been achievable. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone seeking help.’ 2020 

Sue Smith Counselling – Sue’s Approach

Counselling is a talking therapy that enables you to process experiences and find ways to move on, it is also a useful journey for understanding self.

I have a relaxed and welcoming approach with all my clients. We are all individual with our own unique needs and experiences. Words regularly used to describe me from both staff I have managed and clients are ‘real’ and ‘grounded’

Being ‘real’ and ‘grounded’ helps me to help you as we work through your journey together. Counselling is not about advice or me telling you what to do. The answers and the learning lie within you and I am simply helping you to identify them.

One of the most important factors in any therapeutic relationship is that you feel safe and comfortable with your counsellor. This is important if we are to explore at a deep level to help you to find meaning and gain understanding.

At an initial assessment you will learn about the measures I have in place to help you feel safe and at ease.


This includes how I protect your information, my confidentiality agreement, membership of professional bodies and other boring but necessary things like insurance. But most importantly you will get a feel for how we will work together and whether you feel comfortable with me.

You took a big step getting in touch and I respect that – its important you trust me to help you through the next steps.

I use a range of tools and techniques depending on your circumstances, but I always maintain a person-centred approach which means you are the heart of all we do.

My extensive knowledge of working with trauma and maintaining a trauma focus has proven useful for many clients.

Please check out my client testimonials >


  • Free 30 minute initial consultation

  • 60 minute session either in person or remote £50

  • 90 minute session either in person or remote £70

  • 10% discount applied for four or more sessions booked in advance

  • Discounted rates for Trainee Counsellors who need personal therapy as part of their course requirements

Frequency of sessions vary depending on the need. They can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
This will be discussed at initial assessment.


Counselling Options

Counselling is traditionally thought of as a face to face meeting in a quiet and uninterrupted environment, usually an office or a room within a building or clinic.

It is more recognised now that as individuals this may not meet everyone’s needs. Some people work differently and during Covid-19 lockdown many people found alternative ways of working.


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