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Counselling Options


Counselling is traditionally thought of as a face to face meeting in a quiet and uninterrupted environment, usually an office or a room within a building or clinic.

Online Video Sessions

Online video sessions

This is the preferred option for Covid-19 risk management.

Connection is easily made by clicking on a link that I send in an email. You will need to be able to access the session using a device with camera and microphone but most smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s can accommodate this easily.

Its not for everyone and like everything it has its pro’s and con’s. A big consideration is the ability to find a quiet, private space where you will not be disturbed and have a good internet connection.

People who have been able to use this facility have found it beneficial, many preferring it to face to face work.

Face to face sessions

Face to face sessions

Face to face counselling sessions take place in a therapeutic space, overlooking
open fields to the rear of the property.

The summerhouse was specifically built to enable clients to benefit from this calming and relaxing open view, a space to feel safe and to contemplate the more difficult things in life.


The summerhouse also has a name, its called ‘Esperanza’ which is Spanish for hope. I like to think of hope as Hang On Pain Ends! Rooms can also be booked in other locations such as health and community centres however clients to date tend to prefer the summerhouse as a venue.

Due to Covid-19 the summerhouse has glass screens installed between myself and
clients. The furniture is cleaned between sessions and hand sanitiser provided.

*Full details of Covid measures are available on request and acceptance of them is a
requirement prior to starting face to face counselling.

Walk and talk sessions

Walk and talk sessions

For some, the idea of being face to face does not appeal, whether online or in

Some people are more at ease when doing activities, others like to be in touch with
nature and the environment around them. I am keen to ensure that counselling is
accessible to all with options to provide as much choice as possible.

Outdoor therapy can take many forms and I have adapted practise to enable walk
and talk sessions with a duration of either one hour or one and a half hours.

My practise is located on public bridleways, giving access to a range of routes that
can include walks across fields or the use of formal footpaths depending upon

Outreach sessions

Outreach sessions

I have a mobile unit (mini bus) that is suitable to conduct counselling sessions in.
This means that in some circumstances I can travel to help clients access

If you would like to know more about this option, please enquire for further details.

‘Your future clients will be very lucky to work with someone like you’
Counselling Client 2019

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