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Training &  Professional Development


Employers are increasingly under pressure to improve on quality for both service users and staff.

Looking after the health and wellbeing of your team along with ensuring that service users get the best possible outcome can be a difficult balancing act when
resources are limited.

You may have noticed increased absenteeism or be conscious of personality differences within your team. Alternatively you may be aware that your staff would benefit from specialist input in relation to issues facing your service users.

Put simply:- Helping your staff to be the best they can be is good for business. Recent statistics support this and include the following:



of UK employees who have struggled with poor mental wellbeing believe that this has impacted on their work
(Source: Opinium and the University of Warwick)


of respondents do not believe their employer supports or cares about their mental health


of employee respondents experience workplace stress and anxiety over the summer months; this increases to 70% among working parents(
(Source: Westfield Health)


of employers do not currently offer any form of mental wellbeing education or support; this has decreased compared with 18% in 2018, and 16% in 2017
(Source: Employee Benefits)

Is your business one of the 10%?
Specialist Support Solutions can help change that.

‘Very informative, very good and helped my understanding’
(Domestic Abuse Trg 2019)

Specialist Support Solutions has decades of experience working with teams to bring about positive change
and development.

The unique combination of specialist subject knowledge, team leadership skills and mental wellbeing practise ensures that your team get the best possible input with a wraparound package designed specifically for you and your business needs.

We can provide team building workshops, consultancy for staff support and policy development, we can offer quick access to therapeutic sessions and deliver group educational packages for professional development.

Team Building Workshops

Managing Change, Team Dynamics, Endings and Beginnings, Bespoke

Consultancy for Management Strategies

Supporting Staff, Policy Development, Advice & Guidance

Access to Therapeutic Sessions

Fastrack Referrals, Supporting Staff, Responding to Trauma, Debriefing

Delivery of Educational Packages

Professional Development, Specialist Subject Knowledge, Improved Service Delivery

Specialist subject knowledge as a training input for front line staff, demonstrates a commitment to professionally developing your team and provides staff with insight and knowledge to build competency.


We have proven this time and again within the public sector.

Packages are built to meet individual need but commonly include:

Understanding Dynamics of Abusive and Coercive Relationships

Dealing with Disclosure (& what to do if you suspect someone is being harmed)

Sexual Violence Awareness & Myth Busting

Understanding Trauma its Symptoms and How it Presents


We can also offer the Mental Health First Aid England

– 2 day adult Mental Health First Aider course


For more details click here ›

‘‘I found the course extremely valuable and provided me with a clear and detailed insight into the effects and complications that arise when trauma victims are trying to deal with major events’
(Police Officer, Trauma Training 2020)

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