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Our Testimonials


A review can be left via Google reviews. Simply search for ‘Sue Smith Counselling’ or ‘Specialist Support Solutions’ or add your comments to the Specialist Support Solutions Facebook page.


Alternatively, If you are unhappy, please feel free to contact us direct to discuss your experience.

Its always a pleasure to feel like you have a purpose, its also good to reflect and keep improving on what you do. Feedback is crucial to ensuring that service delivery is meeting peoples needs and that any areas for improvement are identified.

Counselling clients testimonials

‘Your future clients will be very lucky to work with someone like you’ (2019)

‘Just would like to personally thank you Sue as the sessions are really helping and we can all see
positive changes’ (2019)


‘I will always be so grateful to you Sue, I am seeing my worth and feeling much better with your help.’ (2020)

I would highly recommend you to anyone, you’re worth every penny.’ (2020)

‘Sue is a very warm and approachable Counsellor, who has a non-judgemental approach to the sessions. Those qualities really helped me to open up and provide honest insight into who I am and my behaviours.  Sue helped me to reflect on my inner self to a level which would have otherwise not been achievable. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone seeking help.’ (2020)


Training & Development Feedback


‘Excellent [course] when dealing with victims of most serious offences’ Specialist Sexual Assault Investigator Development Programme (SSAIDP) 2019

‘Friendly approachable style of the trainer helped open up the group, excellent all round’ SSAIDP (2019)

‘Anyone wanting to deal with victims of trauma would find this course useful, a very good course’ SSAIDP (2019)

‘Very informative, very good and helped my understanding’ Domestic Abuse (2019)

‘Would recommend this course to colleagues’ Domestic Abuse (2019)

‘Good insight, enjoyed the session’ Domestic Abuse (2019)

‘Fab…Thanks, more of this [training] please’ Domestic Abuse (2019)

‘An excellent, well balanced and informative session’ (Trauma Training, 2020)

‘I found the course extremely valuable and provided me with a clear and detailed insight into the effects and complications that arise when trauma victims are trying to deal with major events’ (Trauma training 2020)

‘The break up of each part helped the understanding of the complex bits, very interesting, thank you’(Trauma training 2020)

Community Work Feedback


‘Thank you so much for all you have taught me…I have been really inspired by your vision of victim care’ (Safeguarding Specialist 2017)

‘Thank you for teaching me everything you have and helping me look at situations in a different light’
(Colleague 2019)

‘Best manager I have ever worked with’ (Colleague 2019)

‘Thank you so much for all the women you have helped over the years, you truly are an inspiration’
(Community Work 2019)

‘Thank you for teaching me everything you have and helping me look at situations in a different light’

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