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Whether its Covid-19, unemployment, politics, mental health or deprivation, we have seen many things that impact upon our communities recently.


Sometimes the result of the impact sees positive things happen, we see communities pull together. Sometimes its divisive and longer term damage is caused.


SSS recognises the holistic aspects of individuals and their connections within the wider community. The importance of community and group work in developing understanding, tolerance and providing support for each of those individuals that form our communities, is great.

SSS is a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House. SSS has a lot to offer to the community and wants to ensure that it operates for the benefit of the community.


Community & Group Work

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Recent events such as the covid pandemic, terrorist attacks, the Brexit divide and now economic concerns will have long lasting impact on the well being of our nation. This puts a new emphasis on the importance of Community Connections and working together to improve overall wellbeing.

Psychology Patient

Specialist Support Solutions provides a range of group support, psycho-educational sessions and community development work to achieve this.


All delivery is based on identified needs.

In some circumstances, funding can be secured to address those needs. Consider the following…

Who is your community? Do you have a specific group with specific needs? Will they benefit from:-

  • Mental Health Awareness Sessions

  • Covid-19 Community Workshops

  • Understanding Controlling & Coercive Behaviour

  • Self Esteem and Confidence Building

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Generalised Group Support

Our directors have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they want to utilise for the benefit of our local communities. You can read more about the Directors here >


The NHS recognise the importance of this type of work and now have available social prescribing as an option for patients. Former PM Teresa May stated in the ‘Loneliness Strategy 2018’ -

‘Recognising that medical prescriptions alone cannot address the root causes of loneliness, it will invest millions of pounds in ways of connecting people with community support that can restore social contact in their lives. As such, it will also play a critical role in the prevention of ill-health.’

‘Jo Cox was absolutely right to highlight the critical importance of this growing social injustice which sits alongside childhood obesity and mental wellbeing as one of the greatest public health challenges of our time.’

Specialist Support Solutions embraces this strategy and is taking a step up in offering specific support and workshops in addition to generalised community support.

This isn’t just about patients, or the local women’s group, or a geographical area. This could also be your work team, your business partners, contractors or students – all communities in their own right.

Who is in your community?


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