Our mission statement:

To deliver a range of individual therapies and group sessions to enable positive change, self empowerment and professional development.

Why Specialist Support Solutions?


specialist knowledge and experience that we provide through our service specialisms: domestic abuse; helping individuals and groups to understand the dynamics of abusive and harmful behaviour: Sexual Violence, Rape, Crisis intervention, and all things trauma either acute trauma response, Post Traumatic Stress or Complex Trauma.

specialist development – we don’t want to be the only specialists! – We firmly believe that contributing to the development of others into specialists, we can improve the world for those in need of specialist support.  We can help you, or your organisation to develop specialist skills, either by Continued Professional Development plans, tailored training packages  or providing support and intervention for professionals following incidents (because they are human too!) .


Its what we want to do!– we want to support individuals through a range of strategies, from 1-1 psychotherapy to group development work . We want to support local business needs by providing a range of services and training packages to help develop their teams.

Most of all, we want to directly and indirectly support people through their self development journey, either on their personal journey, or to enable them to help others develop, either colleagues, friends, family, or clients to a multi-disciplinary agency such as the Police, third sector or NHS.


It is  our core belief that the right solutions exist within each individual and organisations, we work with either to identify and facilitate the best development plan possible, either through us or our network of referral routes.

Specialist Support Solutions (SSS) provides:-

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Professional Development

Specialist Support Solutions (SSS) is a family run Private Limited Company, registration number 09706284. We provide services predominantly in the North East of England and our registered office address is 9 Middridge Farms, Middridge, County Durham DL5 7JQ.

The company has two directors Sue and Stewart Smith. Information about the directors can be found here