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KAIZEN means improvement. Moreover, it means continuing improvement in personal life, home life, social life, and working life." Masaaki Imai, Founder of Kaizen Institute)


This principle is at the heart of all the work that Specialist Support Solutions does whether that be for individuals, groups or business.


The counselling process is very much geared to helping people bring about positive change and positive change does not have to stop when current issues are resolved. In keeping with the Kaizen spirit additional options are available to individuals that encourage and facilitate the notion of continued mental health improvement. These are available either post counselling or as an alternative to counselling.

Kaizen 1

A monthly live meeting, either in person or via remote link.

It's an opportunity to explore your own mental wellbeing, destress and focus on maintaining a positive mental perspective for development and improvement.


The session is followed up with an email providing an electronic resource with relevant links to information or exercises for you to continue your self-development between the live sessions.


get priority access to counselling sessions along with a 10% discount for
block bookings of 4 or more sessions.

Kaizen 2

An initial assessment session either in person, via remote link or telephone.

This provides an understanding of the areas of positive development you wish to work on.

Following this session, you will receive a fortnightly check in email along with useful links and tools to help you continue your mental health improvement and personal development journey.


get priority access to counselling sessions along with a 10% discount for
block bookings of 4 or more sessions.

Kaizen for groups and business

Community groups or work based teams can all benefit from the Kaizen ‘Continued Improvement’ ‘Change for the Better’ principles.

For employers, looking after team wellbeing can be key to reduced absenteeism and
improved productivity. 

Community groups benefit from a sense of achievement, positive outlook,
understanding and tolerance. Engaging individuals in community groups
encouraging positive mental health can reduce the reliance and pressure on GP’s
and mental health teams.

For more information please check out the Community & Group Work and Training & Professional Development sections.


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