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World Mental Health Day 10th October.

10 Oct 19
Sue Smith

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Today, October 10th is World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day.

Its important to remember that Mental Health like Physical Health it fluctuates, some days are great some not so good. In winter arthritics feel their pain more, under pressure and at times of stress someones good mental health may deteriorate.
So how is your mental health on World Mental Health Day?
If its good – great! Keep looking after yourself and appreciate it may change.

If its not so good – be aware, spot the signs of deterioration, be kind to yourself. Seek some help if necessary.
And on World Mental Health Day always remember that we do not know what is going on for other people today, tomorrow, next week. If someone seems different don’t be shy – ask this simple question -‘How are you today?’

Welcome to the Specialist Support Solutions new website.

07 Oct 19
Sue Smith
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Welcome to the Specialist Support Solutions new website.  Please have a look around, and visit us regularly to keep up with new announcements, training offerings and blog posts as we continue to develop the site over the coming months.


Sue Smith.